SlurryForSoil is a UK Dairy Day New Product Competition Finalist 2023

SlurryForSoil™ shortlisted in UK Dairy Day New Product Competition

SlurryForSoil™, a new slurry inoculant manufactured by Sylgen Animal Health, has been shortlisted in the UK Dairy Day Product Competition, sponsored by IDEXX.  

Winners will be announced at UK Dairy Day on 13th September 2023 at The International Centre, Telford, and visitors can find out more about the products shortlisted by visiting the display on the concourse.

“With judges looking for the most innovative or influential new products on the market, we’re delighted to have been shortlisted,” says Sylgen Animal Health Director, Geoff Hooper.  

“As it pushes the boundaries of what a slurry inoculant is, and does, we certainly think it’s innovative. And with farmers increasingly under pressure to lower their environmental impact, while margins are being squeezed, it’s potentially very influential too.”

SlurryForSoil™ is a complex blend of 18 different plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and fungi, SlurryForSoil™ is the only slurry inoculant specifically formulated for soil and plant health.

“As well as all the usual benefits – making storing and applying slurry easier, quicker and cheaper – the microbes have been proven to retain and mobilise nutrients, improve plants’ stress tolerance, control pests and disease and bioremediation,” explains Geoff.

In trials SlurryForSoil™ has been shown to significantly improve the nutrient value of slurry, as well as grass quality and yields.

Last year Duchy College ran an independent trial comparing treated and untreated slurry.  Nutrient analysis of the slurry demonstrated that SlurryForSoil™ increased the retention of key nutrients such as ammonium nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur as well as magnesium, copper, zinc and calcium.

“Dry matter yields increased by 24.3%, and quality indicators were also higher where slurry was pre-treated with the inoculant,” says Geoff. “Across all five cuts, the NDF dropped by over 10%, Oil-A rose by over 23% and sugar increased by nearly 30%. The results mirror those found by farmers trialling the product.

“For dairy producers, SlurryForSoil™ lowers production costs by reducing the need for synthetic fertiliser, increases grass productivity and reduces carbon footprints.”

Sylgen Animal Health will be offering a 15% discount for first orders. Visit them on stand ‘Concourse F14’ to find out more, or check out the website


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