Complex blend of 18 plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and fungi

Complex blend of 18 plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and fungi

SLURRYFORSOIL™ is the only slurry inoculant specifically designed for soil and plant health

• Uses advanced, second-generation microbial technology
• Contains 18 different plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and fungi
• Turns slurry into a highly effective bioactive fertiliser

SlurryForSoil™’s microbes have been chosen for their abilities to enhance soil structure, health, and productivity. It makes slurry handling quicker, mobilises and retains nutrients, as well as reducing odour. The bacteria and fungi are proven to increase grass root growth and yields too. 

Ultimately, SlurryForSoil™ increases productivity, reduces costs and benefits the environment.

Money Saving

Saves Money

Cuts fertiliser costs by up to 37.5%, as well as reducing the fuel and man-hours required to stir and apply slurry.

Improves Productivity

Improves Productivity

Saves time at application, is absorbed quickly into soils and increases grass growth and quality by up to 30%.

Benefits Environment

Benefits Environment

Cuts carbon footprint by up to 30%, and reduces ammonia emissions while lowering odours.

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It improved quality too, with significantly higher levels of protein and metabolisable energy.  The results went beyond the nutrient capacity of the slurry, indicating SlurryForSoil™ improves both soil and plant health. 

Duchy College’s research is supported by extensive on-farm trials, where farmers reported easier and quicker slurry stirring, far fewer blockages at application, reduced need for synthetic fertiliser and increased grass growth and quality. The combined benefits equate to an average return of investment of over £55/acre.

Anthony Gibby - Slurry for Soil - Case Study

Farmer Case Study – Anthony Gibby

“While there’s lots of data and stats behind the product, there’s only one that matters to me – I needed 14% less nitrogen this year,” ...
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Phil Williams

Farmer Case Study – Phil Williams

“I think it’s excellent. It stops the slurry from separating as quickly. The slurry also got absorbed into the ground quicker and it noticeably reduced ...
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Trials show SlurryForSoil™ increases grass yield and quality.  Across 5 silage cuts, dry matter increased by an average of 8% and Oil-A (mobilised minerals) by 23%.  There was an average decrease of nearly 11% in NDF along with significant increases in crude protein, D value, ME, and sugars.

SlurryForSoil™ improved margins by an average of £55/acre through:

  • Reduced dependence on inorganic fertilisers (by 20 to 30%)
  • Reduced need for expensive phosphates, potassium and sulphur inclusions
  • Reduced time and fuel costs when mixing and spreading slurry
  • Increases in forage or crop yields and quality

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Through the direct action of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Fungi (PGPR & F), SlurryForSoil™ creates a ‘bioactive fertiliser’ with short and long-term improvement of the soil, leading to bigger yields and higher quality forage.

  • Increased nutrient uptake and mobility within the soil and plants

  • Reduced impact of plant pathogens and pests

The increased root lengths and root mass lead to higher soil carbon, better drainage and a huge increase in the breadth of the microbial, protozoal and worm soil content (soil biome).

This reduces the need for stirring and means fewer blockages occur during spreading.

Slurry treated with SlurryForSoil™ penetrates the soil rapidly, allowing pastures to be grazed soon after spreading. By reducing ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and nitrous oxide emissions along with the volatile fatty acids (VFAs) which are responsible for noxious odours, SlurryForSoil™ makes working with slurry more pleasant too.

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