Our goal is to help the agricultural industry reduce its environmental impact while producing high-quality food.

Romney Jackson

Romney Jackson

Romney’s renowned for his technical expertise and personable manner. He’s worked across the globe delivering large-scale highly technical business and product development in the agricultural veterinary sector – from project managing the build of a vaccine production facility, to technical support for vaccine development and animal health diagnostic equipment.

At Sylgen Animal Health, he’s responsible for the technical aspect of product development and communications.

Geoff Hooper

Geoff Hooper

Geoff’s career started in agriculture, studying and working on beef, sheep and arable production. Later he moved into research and worked for AFRC’s Grassland Research Institute in Berkshire where he studied grazing behaviour, sward management, nutrient cycling and forage intake, before delving into the world of technical veterinary sales and product management for a small number of international organisations.

Geoff’s knowledge and experience has been critical to the on-going development of SlurryForSoil™, as well as external communications.

Richard Brealey

Richard Brealey

Richard has 35 years of experience working in the agricultural veterinary sector. His career started in human health as a Research Associate at Middlesex Hospital Medical School, where he also attained a Masters in Immunology. Subsequently he spent many years working to improve the health and productivity of livestock including sheep, dairy, beef, pigs and poultry both in the UK and across Europe.

Today he’s responsible for sales and marketing at Sylgen Animal Health, as well as running his own hill farm in West Wales.

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SlurryForSoil™ is our advanced second generation slurry inoculant that builds on the success of our first, SlurryKing.

SlurryKing contained ten microbes, as well as a number of enzymes and was proven to be highly effective in independent trials both here in the UK and further afield.  Research by ADAS, the Meat & Livestock Commission (MLC), Bayer Germany, SART (Spain) and Silsoe (UK), found that SlurryKing:

●      increased total nitrogen by up to 33%

●      increased ammonia-nitrogen by 57%

●      reduced odour production by up to 55%

●      solids reduced by 24%

Like SlurryForSoil™, SlurryKing was designed to break down slurry to making handling and application easier and quicker, as well as reduce odours.  Today’s inoculant, SlurryForSoil™, goes further. It’s complex blend of 18 different bacteria and fungi has been selected with soil and plant health in mind.

"While there’s lots of data and stats behind the product, there’s one that matters to me – I needed 14% less nitrogen this year"

Anthony Gibby
Dairy Farmer from Carmarthenshire

‘Sylgen’ is the name of the stream that runs through one of the company director’s farms.

We chose it because water, like soil and air, is an extremely valuable resource, essential to both nature and farming. It has a natural cycle that is representative of others – the nutrient cycles, for example – all are critical to our environment, and to sustainable food production.

‘Animal Health’ acknowledges the ultimate goal of livestock productivity and reflects our experience in the sector.

Sylgen Animal Health is owned by three directors, each is embedded in the farming sector and deeply understands the importance and challenges of producing affordable, sustainable, high-quality food.

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