New formula is x4 more concentrated

SlurryForSoil™ new formulation reduces cost and carbon footprint

SlurryForSoil’s new concentrated formula will lower costs for dairy farmers while reducing the product’s carbon footprint says manufacturer, Sylgen Animal Health.

The new formulation is four times more concentrated, giving users the same performance at a fraction of the cost while also reducing the packaging required, and lowering the weight.  It will be launched at Dairy Tech on 7th February 2024 at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

“The new formulation has enabled us to reduce the cost of production and we’re passing that saving onto our customers,” explains Sylgen Animal Health Director, Romney Jackson. “Farmers will save 37% per treatment. Which, when combined with the reduced need for fertiliser and improved grass growth, gives an average return on investment of £9.50 to £24 for every £1 spent on SlurryForSoil. 

“With less packaging and reduced weight for transport, the new formulation lowers the product’s environmental impact too.” 

The award-winning slurry inoculant contains 18 different fungi and bacteria, selected for their abilities to improve soil and plant health.  Proven to increase grass quantity and quality, SlurryForSoil™ has been recognised for its contribution to both the bottom line and the environment.

“SlurryForSoil does far more than break down slurry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from stores,” says Romney. “It’s designed to turn slurry into a highly-effective biologically-active fertiliser. SlurryForSoil™ captures nutrients in slurry in a microbial form, when the slurry is spread on grassland, it inoculates the soil with key plant and soil beneficial microbes. All of the microbes in the product have been independently proven to increase plant growth – whether that’s through the provision of nutrients as and when plants need them, improved tolerance to stress or increased defence against pests and pathogens. 

“When it comes to slurry inoculants, SlurryForSoil™ is leading the way and we’re now seeing others follow,” he says.

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