Tom and Rob Malkin, winners of the 2023 SlurryForSoil competition.

Rob and Tom Malkin win year’s supply of SlurryForSoil™

Slygen Animal Health, the innovative manufacturers of SlurryForSoil™, is delighted to announce the winners of the 2023 SlurryForSoil™ competition. CD & SE Malkin, a family-owned farm in Stone, Staffs, has been awarded a year’s supply of SlurryForSoil™.

Geoff Hooper, Director of Slygen Animal Health, offered his congratulations, saying, “We are thrilled to give CD & SE Malkin SlurryForSoil. It’s great to see that the family are already minimising the use of inorganic fertiliser and using biology through red and white clover to enhance the nutrition of their grassland. SlurryForSoil™ will further enhance their efforts and we’re looking to catching up with next year to find out the impacts it has.”

Rob, who works on the farm alongside his brother, Tom, and their parents, said curiosity drove his entry to the competition: “There have been many changes to the farm in recent years. We came out of organic production two years ago when the price differential dropped.  

“Today we’ve more than 140 Shorthorn cows. The breed handles the topography of landscape and are easy to care for. We’ve also expanded our land, allowing us to maintain a low stocking rate and keep our cattle in excellent health.”

The cattle are cubicle housed and slurry is scrapped to reception pit before being pumped to a 360,000 gallon tower. Sylgen Animal Health provided the family with 15 kg of SlurryForSoil™ and the initial dose will soon be added to the slurry as the cows start being housed for the winter.

The farm supplies their milk to Meadow Foods, and has a fresh milk dispenser for the public, providing fresh pasteurised milk directly from the farm. 

SlurryForSoil™ is a revolutionary product that combines 18 different Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Fungi. These beneficial microbes break down slurry aerobically, capturing and retaining nutrients in a bio-available form, the result is a highly effective bioactive fertiliser. Farmers have reported reduced stirring requirements and fewer blockages when handling stored slurry as well as increased grass quality and yields.

SlurryForSoil™ not only enhances productivity but also reduces costs and benefits the environment.

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