What's in SlurryForSoil?

What’s in SlurryForSoil™?

SlurryForSoil™ contains 18 different plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and fungi, four enzymes, growth media and starter nutrients.

The enzymes, growth media and starter nutrients, help our microbes get started. In the packaging the fungi and bacteria are in a dormant state and need a little warm water to awaken them.  Soon after, they are hungry and want nutrients but, as the supplies are locked up within the slurry, they need a little something to get them started – like us needing breakfast before we head out to work.

Once they get going, the microbes soon start breaking the complex organic matter down into simpler compounds, consuming them for their own biological processes – more feeding and breeding.  Our microbes quickly multiply and take over from the anaerobic microbes which usually inhabit slurry.


The Microbes

The 18 different microbes in SlurryForSoil™ have been selected carefully and not only for their abilities to break down slurry.  The bacteria and fungi have all been scientifically proven to help plant growth – whether it’s through finding and releasing nutrients, transporting nutrients from the soil into the plant, helping to defend plants against pests and pathogens or a combination of these.

Importantly, and unlike many slurry additives, SlurryForSoil™ contains fungi.  These are essential for breaking down lignin and the more fibrous parts of slurry. (Find out more about how they do this, here)  . That means they’ll start breaking down any undigested or partially digested silage, and straw, capturing their nutrients.

All the microbes in SlurryForSoil™ are naturally found in soils.  This means that when treated slurry is applied to grassland, the microbes in SlurryForSoil™ are at home immediately and get to work, doing what they do best   – working with plants for mutual benefit.

The fungi in SlurryForSoil™ are particularly noteworthy for the roles they play in the soil and the partnerships they have with plants. Able to produce over 100m of mycelia in just one cubic centimeter of soil, fungi can access far more minerals and much more water than plant roots, and they readily exchange these valuable resources for carbon which plants exude from their roots. It can be a lifeline for plants in times of drought. 

The fungi in SlurryForSoil™ have also been proven to transport bacteria that are beneficial to plants and many, kill yield-threatening nematodes, which they use as a source of protein.   

The bacteria are proven to produce a wide range of enzymes that break down organic matter, consume and absorb nutrients and exchange those nutrients with plants. Some have been scientifically shown to: induce plant’s systemic resistance (a defence mechanism against pathogens); fix nitrogen from the air; clean up hazardous contaminants in soils; increase root and plant growth by secreting plant growth hormones; improve plant tolerance to stress and drought; and, improve the concentrations and transportation of many minerals within plants.

The combined effects of the microbes in SlurryForSoil™ go well beyond those of a simple slurry additive. As well as liquifying slurry and making it easier to handle (reducing the amount of stirring needed during storage, improving the flow of slurry at application with fewer blockages and more even applications), SlurryForSoil™  increases grass yields and quality.  

In the independent Duchy College trial,  the increased grass growth and improved nutritional value of resulting silage exceeded the increased nutrient content of the treated slurry. Independent researchers concluded that it was the result of the microbes’ wider beneficial activity in soils and with plants.

What makes SlurryForSoil different?

SlurryForSoil™ is specifically designed for soil and plant health.  

The microbes in SlurryForSoil™ have been chosen for their abilities to enhance growth and productivity and not just for their abilities to break down slurry.

SlurryForSoil™ contains more microbes

Diversity in nature is key. It’s an emerging theme in regenerative and conventional agriculture for the symbiotic relationships, resilience and improve productivity. The same is true below ground, and SlurryForSoil™ reflects this with a wide range of different organisms.  

SlurryForSoil™ contains fungi

One of the toughest parts of slurry to break down is the lignin – the compound that gives plant cell walls their strength and rigidity.  Some fungi are specialists in eating lignin, and produce specific enzymes to do the job. It’s an essential ingredient for the further breakdown of slurry and making it even easier to handle.


The result

Together the ingredients in SlurryForSoil™ do much more than your typical slurry additive.  Not only does it homogenise slurry, reducing the need for stirring and making applications quicker, easier and more even, but it’s proven to increase grass yields and quality.

By capturing and retaining nutrients, together with their transportation within soils as and when plants need them, the microbes in SlurryForSoil™ reduce the need for fertiliser – saving you money.

The combined effect is good for your bottom line and for the environment.

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