How Does SlurryForSoil™ Work?

How Does SlurryForSoil™ Work?

SlurryForSoil™ is a complex blend of 18 different Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Fungi (PGPR & Fs), chosen for their proven abilities to enhance soil structure, plant health, and productivity.

The microbes in SlurryForSoil™ feed on the slurry, releasing enzymes to break down the complex organic matter, making slurry handling quicker and easier. Stored slurry needs less stirring too. And it is easier to apply, with farmers reporting far fewer blockages.

SlurryForSoil™’s bacteria and fungi absorb the resulting simpler carbon compounds (which also contain key nutrients) and use them to create their own energy, proteins, hormones, enzymes etc.

When the treated slurry is applied to the soil, plants attract the microbes to their roots by releasing ‘exudates’ – carbon, in the form of sugar.  The slurry bugs exchange this sugar for water that also contains dissolved minerals i.e. nutrients which can be used by the plant.

Hormones, enzymes and proteins are also released by the microbes, some of which trigger a defensive reaction (Induced Systemic Resistance – see blog post for more info) from the plants which also protect them from other pathogens such as pests and diseases.

13 of the microbes in SlurryForSoil™ have also been shown to control larger pests such as nematodes, molluscs and insects. They are all bio-remedial and remove or neutralise pollutants from the soil through their metabolic processes.

In short, the bacteria and fungi in SlurryForSoil™ increase plant growth and yields.

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