Dairy farmer, Marcus Ferraro, stands in his cattle shed.

Farmer Case Study – Marcus Farraro

Farms Location

Teifi Valley


600 acres


300 cows



About Marcus, the farm and the herd

Marcus grew up on the 150 ac family farm in the Teifi Valley. Traditionally, it was a dairy farm but Marcus’ father stepped away from milking in 2000.  
Having decided a conventional education wasn’t for him, Marcus spent a few years working on other farms locally before moving to Pembrokeshire with his partner to work on another family farm. 
“They taught me a lot and were like an extended family,” he says. “When I came home to farm, I still helped them one day a week. It was good, and helped give me perspective when juggling all the demands of the home farm.”
Returning to the family farm in 2013, Marcus decided he wanted to milk cows and started a flying herd with 100 heifers.  His aim was to grow that herd to 140.  But the business took off and today he has 300 cows in the ProCROSS breeding programme and manages over 600ac.
“I’ve been really lucky that people locally have been very supportive of us,” he says. 
Farming near the Cardigan coast, soil are lights.  “We can turn the cattle out early but the grass does burns out quite quickly when it is dry,” he explains.
Marcus’ cows are housed at night when calving begins in September and are housed full time in October.  He aims to have the girls back out with the first dry week in the New Year, in 2023 that was 18th Jan.
Like so many others, he had to re-house with the torrential rain in March.  “The grass was there but felt the damage wasn’t worth the return,” he says.
Marcus runs a 12 hour paddock grazing system, using back fences. 
He first came across SlurryForSoil™ through his milk buyer.  “I run a foliar feed business and do a lot of research on microbiology and soil biology through that, so the idea of SlurryForSoil™ was intriguing.” 

Treatment and application






12 weeks

18kg of the slurry inoculant was applied to the tank in early January 2022.  And while there was a significant proportion of slurry already in the system which would have volatilised, analysis showed notable retention of additional nitrogen.

The inoculated slurry was applied to 275 acres of silage ground at a rate of around 3,000 galls/ac.

Never one to stand still, alongside the introduction of SlurryForSoil™, Marcus used liquid instead of prilled fertiliser, introduced a humic acid foliar feed and cut the grass 10 days later than in the previous year.  This additional growth has been accounted for in the results below, with yields being proportionally adjusted down. 


– 30% more forage 

– 37.5 % less nitrogen needed

– 51.9% reduced in carbon cost of forage production

– Return on investment of £15.81 per £1 spent on SlurryForSoil™

Due to the increase in the amount of nutrients retained with the slurry, Marcus was able to reduce the amount of synthetic fertiliser used. Over the whole season:

 2021: N80 P0 K0 S23.3

2022: N50 P0 K0 S14.6



Up 30%


Down 37.5%

Carbon Footprint

Reduced by 51.9%

Money Saving

ROI £15.81/£1 of SFOR

Using SlurryForSoil™ reduced Marcus’ farm fertiliser bill by over £9,000 while increasing forage yield by 30%. In addition, Marcus estimated he saved a further £1,000 through reduced need to stir the slurry.

The combined effect of increased grass yield and reduced synthetic fertiliser use reduced the forage’s carbon emissions by 51.9%. 

Marcus’ thoughts

“SlurryForSoil™ breaks down the fibre, so there wasn’t any on the surface of the lagoon and it was easy to spread.  

“It also went into the soil more quickly meaning nutrients weren’t lying on the surface contaminating the leaf,” he says.  “Applications were much more consistent so we’d not got patches with more slurry and others with less.

“The growth rate of the grass was enormous – it was a year when many were struggling for forage and we were able to sell some.  That really helped us. 

“It’s saved us fertiliser too.”  

Marcus has used SlurryForSoil™ again in winter 2022, and saw similar effects. 

“It’s the cheapest insurance policy you can buy…the cost isn’t really worth talking about, especially with the return you’ll see.  SlurryForSoil™ is just fantastic! So many of these types of products come at a significant cost, this one doesn’t.” 

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