Informal Trial


The Brown Brothers

Rugley, Staffordshire

Dairy farmers

What prompted you to use SlurryKing?

Giles Dadd, FACTS-registered advisorexplains "Martin Brown manages 140 cows. At the start his tin tank was approximately 25% full with a crust on top."

What happened next?

The store was re-circulated in order to obtain a composite sample of the slurry for analysis. The correct amount of SlurryKing was applied and eight weeks later the slurry in the tin tank was re-circulated and a further sample taken. At this stage it was noticeable that the slurry was a more consistent liquid mix and the odour was greatly reduced.

Martin Brown’s trial data results

  untreated tested % difference
6.6 6.9  
Dry Matter 3.39 2.4 -29%
  Kgs/cu.m. Kgs/cu.m. Kgs/cu.m.
Total N 1.63 1.72 5%
Ammonium N 0.82 1.00 21%
P205 0.49 0.56 14.28%

Have you saved money/time?

Thorough analysis of the financial benefits was key to the trial for all involved.

Reduced agitation time alone brought a saving of £180 per mixing. As agitation takes place up to three times each year, there's a potential total saving of £540.

The Increased ammonium nitrogen content has a direct comparison of 1,021 kgs for 140 cows, valued at £1,021. However, the liquefaction process also makes more phosphate available in the year of application and this can be measured and thus reduce the fertiliser applied, and this is valued at £453.

Total value of £2,014 for a cost of £480 per winter. This does, however, ignore the higher potential volume of slurry produced through the liquefaction process, where the bacteria turn some of the dry matter into water through the respiration process. This is difficult to assess accurately, but it's likely to be in the order of 7%, giving an extra £381 worth of ammonia N for the herd.

Brothers Martin and Neil Brown were pleased with the trial results. Martin, with the tin tank, explains."My trial showed an improvement of 21% in ammonium N, which will hopefully deliver good savings on bagged fertiliser. Of the products on the market, the SlurryKing slurry additive is worth giving a go".

What other benefits have you noticed?

Neil freely admits he used to treat slurry as a waste product but now sees it as a valuable asset. "You can see the product working, with the bubbles rising to the surface of the lagoon. The smell was vastly reduced and stirring time has been halved, as we're now dispersing only a very thin crust." Neil, who stores slurry in a lagoon, was particularly pleased, as was his contractor. He pumped his slurry one mile by umbilical cord system. The contractor was very impressed as, in his experience, pumping this distance he would normally encounter several blockages.

A third Brown brother, on hearing the results, is now using SlurryKing slurry additive to reduce smell, making a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for customers visiting to his farm shop.

Jeff, the third brother in the family, was not part of the trial but he started to use SlurryKing following the results on the other farms. Jeff has a lagoon close to his farm shop where, amongst other things, he makes and sells ice cream, therefore, odour is his main concern. After using SlurryKing, on emptying his lagoon there was very little odour.

Would you recommend SlurryKing products to other farmers?

Yes, yes and yes.

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