Using SlurryKing saves me money in more ways than one


Richard Allwood

Vale Farm, Shrewsbury

Dairy farmer, herd of 140

What prompted you to use SlurryKing?

“SlurryKing contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trialling SlurryKing on my farm. As I had a crust on my slurry I thought I would try it and I’ve used it ever since. I produce milk for cheese and so I was also interested in anything that could improve the quality of the milk. I was interested in the promise that SlurryKing would reduce odour.”

What happened next?

"SlurryKing was applied in the right quantities. After about six weeks, the crust had reduced by at least 50%.

It has definitely saved me money. I saved 30 units of bagged fertiliser per acre on the first cut alone. I have saved on contractor costs but do much of the mixing myself and SlurryKing has drastically reduced the amount of time this takes me so I can do other things. The reduction in smell is another good benefit. I’ve moved to a more rural area now but I used to have a farm with neighbours. They were happy once I staSlurryKingrted to use the , as is my wife to this day."

What other benefits have you noticed?

“When my slurry isn’t treated with SlurryKing I can see that it’s inconsistent on the land - lumps and fibre being visible"

Would you recommend SlurryKing products to other farmers?

“Yes. I wouldn’t go back to not using it.”

Richard Allwood’s Annual Savings

Fertiliser saving (on first cut only) £978
Less cost of SlurryKing - £300
TOTAL saving £678

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