This product has greatly reduced the crust on my slurry tank and odour levels on and around my farm

Mr Malcolm Strong
Appleby, Cumbria

Dairy farmer, 80 cows 160 acres

What prompted you to use Epizym?

The main reason was the crust on my slurry tank. I had a defective slurry pump which meant I couldn’t agitate the slurry as much as I usually do before it went into the store.

What happened next?

I saw a feature in a British Dairying publication. I called up and spoke with a distributor. I tried the product and after about 6 weeks saw that it had prevented a full crust forming.

Have you saved money/time?

It has saved me money as I don’t spend as much time stirring. The mixture is now even and ready to spread virtually straight from the store.

What other benefits have you noticed?

Although crusting was the problem that motivated me to try it, there’s been a noticeable and welcome reduction in odour. At mixing time the smell used to come over to the house. There’s a retail unit called The Wedding Barn selling wedding dresses on the site, so prevention of odour was obviously a good thing to be aiming for!  Since using the Epizym the smell is no longer an issue. One time I didn’t use the Epizym and the smell came straight back.

Would you recommend Epizym products to other farmers?

Yes – it reduces crusts, odour and generally eases slurry handling.

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