I have been able to cover all OSR and wheats this year saving thousands on fertiliser


Martin Lewis
Gritt Farm, Bodenham, Hertfordshire

What prompted you to use SlurryKing?

I installed a new liner in an existing slurry store last year. I wanted to avoid the need to stir the slurry as I feared this would disrupt the lining.

What happened next?

Having read an article about the success of such products in the farming press, I decided to try a bacteria based slurry and chose SlurryKing. Initially I was sceptical, but that feeling vanished when I clearly saw there was no need to stir the slurry and I have not had to do so in over 12 months. There is no crusting on the top at all, and also no sediment either. I've also found the consistency of the slurry is more even when I spread it on the growing crop. It's easier to spread the required width, and there's less scorching and residue on the plant.

How much have you saved?

I have been able to cover all OSR and wheats this year saving thousands on fertiliser.

What other benefits have you noticed?

The farm is close to a residential area and I used to avoid spreading in the fields next to the houses for fear of complaints about odour. With SlurryKing, the smell was definitely less on emptying. I now spread in all of my fields, as it no longer smells anywhere near as bad as it did. It must be a great improvement, as my wife usually comments. She now comments how much less the slurry smells!

Would you recommend SlurryKing products to other farmers?


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