We only needed to stir once – there was no crust whatsoever


Jonathon Sunter
Hilltop Farm, Leyburn
120 cows, 100,000 gallon tin tank and 2.5m gallon lagoon

What prompted you to use Epizym?

We constructed the lagoon last September. As it’s so big we wanted to avoid a crust from the outset. We also wanted to make the most of the slurry in terms of nutrient value.

What happened next?

I’d heard of Epizym in the magazines and my Carrs Billington rep Jim McRobert suggested I try it from day one with the lagoon to avoid problems later. The idea was to use the tin tank as a kind of ‘culture pot’ for the bugs, putting them in there to ‘feed’ the lagoon, start it off as it were. We have a contractor come to pump the slurry out of the tin tank and up to the lagoon on a regular basis.

We applied the product as per the instructions. After a while we did a couple of pumps up to the lagoon. We only needed to stir once – there was no crust whatsoever. Previously it had taken half a day to stir. The solids would be on the top, liquids underneath. After Epizym it is a consistent mix.

It’s brilliant not having a crust – it just looks like there’s water in the lagoon, not slurry. Birds sit around the edges of the lagoon like it was a pond.

From a nutrient point of view, we had some slurry analysed. Whilst we don’t have analysis results before using Epizym, the results that came back were brilliant:

Per 1000 gallons of fresh slurry:
Nitrogen – 29.46 units
Phosphorous – 9.99 units
Potassium – 39.33 units

I spread with a splash plate, and I realise that means only 50% of the nutrients will be available, so maximising what is available is important to me.

What have you saved?

Our main aim is not to have to stir the lagoon much at all. We’ve been using it since February and we’ve only had to stir it once – and it took no more than an hour. So hopefully we should only need to stir it 1-2 times a year. This is big saving in terms of hassle and time.

Have you noticed any other benefits?

The farm is near a town and when we spread it still smells, but it’s definitely not as pungent. There is no smell off the lagoon either.

We spread some of the slurry onto grazing ground, and as the consistency is closer to water, it goes into the ground quicker and the muck doesn’t cling to the blades of grass. The result is I can spread with a splash plate and with the right weather conditions the cows can be grazing again in 7-8 days.

Would you recommend Epizym products to other farmers?

Yes, definitely, it’s doing everything it said it would, which is all you can ask for.

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