You just mix it up, put it in the tank, job done


Anthony Hitchcock
Crossways Farm, Bury St Edmonds
Pig Farmer

How did you hear about SlurryKing?

I used the product a number of years ago when it was sold under a different name. I was very happy with its performance but my supplier stopped selling it. I then tried different products but wasted no time in returning to the product, as the competing products simply didn’t deliver the right results.

What prompted you to use SlurryKing?

Initially smell. We had very bad odour one winter time when ventilation was poor. The smell really was very strong in the pig house, it hit you when you opened the doors. On emptying, we couldn’t spread too close to the houses nearby, it was really very strong. Flies were also an issue within the farrowing shed. We were using fly sprays and bait to try to curb the problem. We also had problems with flies on our flat decks - a continuous cycle of maggots which we couldn’t curb. 

What happened next?

A few weeks after applying the SlurryKing I noticed a really big difference in the smell. I have a neighbour who often complained about the smell, but since using SlurryKing along with a low level applicator, they've noticed a vast improvement in smell and flies. Nothing else we tried really hit the flies quite like SlurryKing did. It worked to the point where could count the flies on one hand. The slurry then gets pumped into a large tank where it's held for up to three months. It then goes back to the fields. 

What other benefits have you noticed?

It’s far easier now to empty out and clean down the tanks. We wash one room a week and in the past it used to be a hard job to get all the slurry out through the little plug hole, but now we pull the bung, wash the pen down without even thinking about the slurry.

Would you recommend SlurryKing products to other farmers?

Absolutely. I like SlurryKing as all I have to do is mix it up, put it in the tank and forget about it. Haven’t got to do anything with it. As long as you put the right amount in and the top up dose, job done. I have tried other products. They haven’t been successful for us – they took more work than it was worth bothering for. With one of them I had to dose the tank every week, which for someone like me is too time consuming. I want to put it in and forget about it. Others required stirring every week and adding a bit more product. Some dealt with smell by encouraging a crust to develop, which was not what I wanted as I wanted to spread the slurry on the fields. 

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