SlurryKing helps get the maximum out of slurry

Alan Marshall

Wigtown, Newton Stewart

230 milkers, 500 head in total with beef

Tower, tanks and a 600,000 gallon lagoon

What prompted you to use SlurryKing?

Stirring. We were spending an intolerable about of time on it. I needed to know we weren’t just taking the liquid out. With only two of us here and cows to milk seven days we only get a small amount of time in the afternoons to pump and spread. The land goes one mile one way and two and a half miles the other way, uphill. Transporting the slurry takes a long time, so anything that saves us time is what we need. We do use contractors to help with the work. We were organic up until about a year ago. I know there’s huge benefit to be gained from using slurry properly, especially the time factors and the logistics of having it ready to spread.

What happened next?

Simon, our Harbro salesman suggested we try SlurryKing. We put it into the tower and tanks which then ‘fed’ the lagoon, so we didn’t need to treat the lagoon itself. The slurry in the lagoon is now spreadable within 10 minutes and does not crust. The tanks used to take a day to a day and half to stir. Now it’s far quicker than this and the slurry is always liquid and ready to spread. It doesn’t stick to the grass. We have one underground tank which for one reason and another we cannot treat with SlurryKing. It’s a youngstock building and is always a problem, whereas the others are not. I know SlurryKing would make a huge difference if we could use it in there.

What have you saved?

Time, diesel, and I’m quite sure I’m saving on the chemical fertiliser also.
Have you noticed any other benefits? Yes, I’ve noticed the smell does not linger as much as it used to, it drops to the ground and doesn’t stick to the leaves. Just as well, as we have neighbours around us and the fewer the complaints the happier I am.

Would you recommend SlurryKing products to other farmers?

Yes, SlurryKing helps get the maximum out of slurry, but even if it just saves on tractor time and hassle it’s worth it.

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