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Sylgen Animal Health to exhibit at Down To Earth

Sylgen Animal Health, the innovators behind SlurryForSoil™, will be exhibiting at the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) Down to Earth event on 3rd July 2024 at Grosvenor Farms, Aldford, Cheshire.

Down to Earth is a one-day event that brings together industry leaders and experts with livestock farmers interested in regenerative farming. This year’s event will focus on six themes: increasing land productivity, improving vegetation, enhancing water quality, reversing climate change, restoring a soils carbon content, and improving farm sustainability. The day will include debates, workshops, and farm tours.

“SlurryForSoil™ can be a really useful tool when transitioning to regenerative farming,” explains Sylgen Animal Health Director, Geoff Hooper. “It is the only slurry inoculant specifically designed for soil and plant health and aligns with the founding principles of regenerative farming.”

“When formulating the product, we were inspired by a core factor of the world’s most resilient ecosystems – biodiversity. It’s why SlurryForSoil™ contains 18 different soil-borne microbes,” explains Geoff. “It also helps farmers reduce their reliance on synthetic fertiliser – another key facet of the regenerative approach.”

In trials, SlurryForSoil™ has proven to cut fertiliser costs by up to 37.5%, as well as reducing the fuel and man-hours required to stir and apply slurry. It saves time at application, is absorbed quickly into soils and increases grass growth and quality by up to 30%. By lowering the use of synthetic fertiliser, it also cut the carbon footprint of grass production by up to 30%.

Visitors at Down to Earth will have the opportunity to learn about the science behind SlurryForSoil™, and experts will be on hand to answer any questions.

To find out more, visit the Sylgen Animal Health stand, or visit our website.

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