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SlurryKing’s Top 10 slurry tips - Tip No1: View slurry as an asset!


Some farmers have an easier time of it than others when it comes to slurry management. We believe that slurry should be a valuable asset for all farmers.

Here is our first tip on how to take the hassle and smell out of slurry and turn it into a valuable asset.

Tip 1. View slurry as an asset!

Slurry should not be seen as a problem but as a valuable asset. It not only adds organic matter to your soil and improves the soil structure, it can also increase water holding capacity and drought resistance in lighter and sandy soils.

Based on recent prices for N, P and K fertilisers, the slurry produced by 100 dairy cows over the winter housing period has a potential value of almost £3,757. The slurry produced by a 1000-place finishing pig unit has a potential value of around £4,358 each year. †

† Source: Calculated using slurry output figures from RB209, DEFRA guidance booklet, 7th edition.

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