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Slurry Management Q & A

Question and Answer Session on SlurryKing

Why is Slurry Management Important?

Cattle and Pig slurry is invaluable to farmers across the world as a fantastic and natural fertilizer.

It is important to manage this valuable resource as when slurry is stored over a period of time it will separate into 3 fractions; namely a top crust, a bottom of solids and the middle section is primarily water.

Therefore for the slurry to be able to be drained from your tank easily and at its most beneficial with an even spread of nutrients for your fields and crops, it would need to be stirred into a homogeneous mixture.

This can be done either manually, with labour or machinery on a regular basis or using a slurry management solution.


Why should farmers add a slurry management solution to their slurry tanks?

Adding a slurry management system such as SlurryKing to your tank before the separation occurs means that the solution can get to work creating a homogenous mixture, meaning that the slurry is kept as a liquid, making it easy to drain, and ensuring an even spread of nutrients to fertilise those crops!


Can I use a Slurry Management System in any type of Slurry?

You can use it in cattle and pig slurry.


What other benefits does this give a farmer?

The financial benefits are substantial, with farmers saving money on artificial fertiliser, and stirring costs both in labour and machinery.

Farmers see an average saving of £40 per cow per year. For more information and saving calculations, please click here.

The time savings are not to be ignored either, less crusting and floor solids means that you need less mixing time and use of top stirrers reduce stirring and pumping time by up to 50%.


OK I’ve saved time and money, anything else?

Your neighbours will be much happier as well!

That nasty smell when you are hoping to sit outside in the summer months – well, by using SlurryKing odour is reduced by up to 55%, meaning less complaints and happier neighbours!


How about my crops?

Its good for them too!

There is reduced crop contamination as the mixture is even, there are fewer solids to stick to leaves and faster absorption into the soil means faster regrowth and less delay before grazing or cutting.

A more even mixture means more accurate application of fertilizer nutrients and improved fertilizer value due to enhanced nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen capture.


Is all this environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! SlurryKing is biodegradable, non-caustic and non-corrosive.

Very importantly it’s non-toxic to humans, plants or animals. 100% organic and non GM so suitable for organic farms, it also helps comply with DEFRA Codes of Good Agricultural Practice. For more information please click here.


When is the best time to add SlurryKing to a tank?

The very best time is when the tank is starting to fill up as a farmer would need less product at this stage, but you can use SlurryKing at any stage of the fill.


Do you have information to back up this information?

I certainly do! Visit our website for all the scientific data on independent trials and many testimonials and case studies of actual money saved from farmers that use SlurryKing.

For questions and advice on managing your slurry contact Sylgen Animal Health on 01559 370 222 or email us at