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Slurry King’s Top 10 slurry tips - Tip No 3: Get your slurry analysed


Some farmers have an easier time of it than others when it comes to slurry management. We believe that slurry should be a valuable asset for all farmers.
Here is our third tip on how to take the hassle and smell out of slurry and turn it into a valuable asset.


It’s important to understand the nutrient content of your slurry to enable reliable fertiliser planning. It’s best to measure or at least estimate this rather than rely on guesswork. Make sure the sample taken for analysis is the equivalent of an ‘average’ of what is found in your store. To do this, take several samples from various positions within the store, mix them together and then take a representative sub sample. This can then be analysed in a laboratory or be tested with a slurry N meter or slurry hydrometer on the farm.

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