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SlurryKing’s Top 10 slurry tips - Tip No 2: Get the right storage system


Some farmers have an easier time of it than others when it comes to slurry management. We believe that slurry should be a valuable asset for all farmers.
Here is our second tip on how to take the hassle and smell out of slurry and turn it into a valuable asset.


Tip 2 - Get the right slurry storage system!

There is an increasing amount of advice available on the AHDB and the Environment Agency websites on how to build new pig buildings which reduce ammonia output.  Under floor slatted tanks offer the highest potential for problems due to the inadequate removal of slurry solids during the emptying process. This gives a build up of solids which results in reduced storage capacity and added cost to remove the solids.

It makes sense to design systems that offer the potential to remedy problems easily, whether in lagoons, slatted tanks etc. Make sure slurry storage and handling systems are as simple as possible with the minimum of potential bottlenecks. Finally, using a slurry additive such as SlurryKing can significantly reduce crusting in storage tanks and ensure pumping and mixing can be carried out quickly and easily.

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