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How to improve your Slurry


Cattle and Pig slurry is invaluable to farmers across the world as a fantastic and natural fertilizer, however by adding a natural slurry management system to your pit or lagoon you can make the management of slurry easier and make the slurry go further, thereby saving money!

By using a management system you introduce carefully selected naturally occurring bacteria, microbial cultures, enzymes and other biochemical ingredients that are known to degrade compounds that are ordinarily difficult to biodegrade.

The organisms work with the bacteria already present in the waste to promote a better and faster biological oxidation without generating any dangerous by-products.

The benefits are that the slurry is liquefied and the crust reduced, there is less odour and the organic fertiliser value of slurry is improved.

The financial benefits are substantial, with farmers saving money on artificial fertilizer, contractor costs and labour and machinery costs for mixing. Farmers see an average saving of £40 per cow per year.

The time savings are not to be ignored either, less crusting and floor solids means that slurry is liquefied, therefore less mixing time and use of top stirrers reduce stirring and pumping time by up to 50%.

Your neighbours will be happier as well with odour production reduced by up to 55%.

However the benefits don't stop there! Reduced crop contamination with fewer solids to stick to leaves, faster absorption into the soil means faster regrowth and less delay before grazing or cutting, more accurate application of fertilizer nutrients due to the more even mixture and improved fertilizer value due to enhanced nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen capture.

This is 100% organic and non GM as it is biodegradable, non caustic, non corrosive, non-toxic to humans, plants or animals and helps you comply with DEFRA Codes of Good Agricultural Practice.